Did you notice me? I was standing right beside you, With a red sugary drink in my hand. You were screaming at the scary man, Using words I couldn’t understand. I think you were right by the way, He was being unreasonable and If I had more about me, I would have given you a … More Red

Silent Revolution

It’s time to live in a world that transcends the normality of every day conversations. It’s time to meet people who believe in a world that is based on freedom and compassion. I’ve never had a love for rules, I simply respect them out of fear. However in my mind there’s a silent revolution taking … More Silent Revolution

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Part 1

What agreements have you made with the world? Have you been burdened with any negative opinions since childhood? Don Miguel Ruiz suggests just four agreements that we ought to live by in order to find personal freedom. That is to say, being happy, positive and free from negative emotions that cripple us. This is a … More The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Part 1