India His love became his enemy, He’s sorry he turned his back, For pastures new, a materialistic stew, Despite the deepening cracks. But that’s what people do, Until they realise, all too late, The love they have for you. I know there’s nothing he can say, Except “forgive me and let me pray” Colourful tones … More India


I just want to live and dig my way out this pit, I have big time ambitions, love? Cease to exist. Many different times and many different lives, Too many for some but never enough at times. I’ve had visions to become God’s proudest son, But ambition is a part of me and I prefer … More Allure

Funky Groovy

  Woke up feeling surreal, Let me tell you about my crazy day for real, Packed my bag, off to work they say, Stairs day, elevator  four floors away. Walking fast, body bouncing, Sun shining, face melting, 20 minutes to spare, already at the station, Coffee aroma, accept the invitation. Check the menu, something different, I’ll … More Funky Groovy


Lost, vision, slow breath, Arms out, face up, hair a mess, Black and white, slow beat, Salty water, beneath my feet. Delicate wind, tickled face, Slow smile, permanent space, Gentle waves, tranquil high, Caressing birds, orgasmic sky. Flickering images, past behind, New beginning, out of bind, All alone, free to feel, Tripping out, final meal. … More Clarity


Wait don’t leave, There’s too many people on this train, If you walk too fast, I’ll never take the blame. I forgive you, please, I forgive you, You got it wrong, I was just ashamed, It was getting much too long. Ignoring tears, for many years, Left my emotions, numb, Fulfilling all my fears, I’m … More Exit


Did you notice me? I was standing right beside you, With a red sugary drink in my hand. You were screaming at the scary man, Using words I couldn’t understand. I think you were right by the way, He was being unreasonable and If I had more about me, I would have given you a … More Red

Silent Revolution

It’s time to live in a world that transcends the normality of every day conversations. It’s time to meet people who believe in a world that is based on freedom and compassion. I’ve never had a love for rules, I simply respect them out of fear. However in my mind there’s a silent revolution taking … More Silent Revolution