Walk with me

Take a walk with me, through my brand new country, start at home, grab my keys and my phone, see my reflection in the mirror on the door, see my face, should have shaved for sure. Open the door the sun hits, explosion, find my glasses then enter the commotion. Are you ready? See the … More Walk with me


I just want to live and dig my way out this pit, I have big time ambitions, love? Cease to exist. Many different times and many different lives, Too many for some but never enough at times. I’ve had visions to become God’s proudest son, But ambition is a part of me and I prefer … More Allure

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Part 1

What agreements have you made with the world? Have you been burdened with any negative opinions since childhood? Don Miguel Ruiz suggests just four agreements that we ought to live by in order to find personal freedom. That is to say, being happy, positive and free from negative emotions that cripple us. This is a … More The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Part 1