Th Yng Phlsphr BCN

Still searching…


I’m not an artist, I’m not a CEO, I don’t even think I can classify myself as young anymore. But I know I need an outlet.

These days we don’t have the patience to read interesting articles or watch informative videos. If you’re like me you can’t even watch a movie without checking your phone constantly. We need quick entertainment sandwiched in between our hectic lives.

So how we can achieve the escapism that’s necessary for a balanced life? They say meditating for 5 minutes everyday will help, that could work. But I seek short doses of not only escapism but also inspiration. I choose poetry as my main vehicle to deliver this and music as the road map.

So here you have it: poetry, philosophy, spirituality, rambles and rants, the trials and tribulations of a man trying to find his way out of society’s chains and into the arms of true art.

This is the journey, U-turns included….

I would love for you to keep me company with your comments, likes etc…

Th Yng Phlzphr BCN

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