Can you spare some time to talk?
I’m ready to hear you but please don’t walk…
It’s lonely in this mind of mine
and when I turn behind
there’s a lost friend of mine.

Your eyes beg me, you need me
so I’m trying to help,
but if you don’t believe me
our friendship could melt.

There’s a spark in your soul
and whenever you’ve lost it
just let me know.
I’m stronger than you’ve ever known
and my strength is needed
to guide you back home.

As long as you need me, I’m here
but if you tell me I’m unwanted
I’ll soon disappear.
I won’t waste my breath
because without you
there’s more to help.
And I can only guide you
but you could learn to know  yourself.

I’ve been through the same
we’re all trying to cross
and there’s really no shame
just too many cars in the way.
I won’t hold your hand
intimacy is not the case,
but if it helps you feel good
we can enter that space.

It’s not easy to feel warmth
and its unconventional to find it in me,
but it’s understood
so please don’t feel the need
to look at me nonchalantly.

What about all the love you gave,
to the man who blocked your way?
Can I run back in time, collect it all
and be back without delay?

So what about all the hate you gave
to the man who tried to help you?
Can I run back in time, tell you it’s real
and hope you can see it as true?

I’ve heard about all the talents you have
so why do you hide it away?
I’ve seen all the little pictures you’ve drawn
so why would you rub them away?
If this is the past appearing again
just let it disappear,
because none of us know what the future will hold
so just live it full and bold.

I’ve read all the books you think I haven’t read.
I wrote all the speeches that remain in your head.
I’ve taken my life to whole new levels
and my soul is still powered
by the energy of rebels.

Life is always changing
and your mindset is vacant,
but that’s just you growing
and its ok that your alone,
and my message
doesn’t appear on your phone.

I’m always with you in spirit,
just continue to believe it,
I won’t abandon you.
The next time you smile,
keep the sadness exiled
and just concentrate on you.

Music: Rear View from the album Mind of Mine.