I am the full floating vessel,
I’m Raymond K Hessel.
Surrounded by dirty water,
looking for clarity to drop my anchor.

I am the young poet prophetic,
who borders on the pathetic.
I am the patient non vendetta,
because at first, they must get better.

I’m the philosophical nobody,
that seeks to be somebody.
I am the whole room analyst,
and I judge if it’s even worth it.

I seek leadership but can’t stand authority,
I question the sense of the majority.
I’m the game changer, the new life player,
and the disturbance creator.

I’m obsessed with Plato’s forms,
and seek explanations from the norm.
I believe in the spiritual universe,
but seek energy from my soul at first.

I am the citizen with no country,
and the leader with no hierarchy.
I am the artist with no paint,
and the argument with no weight.

I am the marshal of my mind,
I kick the hypocrisy I find.
I am the working, conscious race,
that needs acceptance just to keep pace.

I am the big picture advocator,
and the money delusion realiser.
I am the imminent departure,
because I need change a lot faster.

I am the surreal art escapist,
and the diverse music playlist.
I am the lover of all hopeless souls,
and the payer of all life’s tolls.

I’m the hip hop pounding, philosophy reading,
Malcolm watching, underdog fighting,
Luciano dressing, self-educating, average guy.

I’m not defined by my labels,
religion, family, past or future.
I’m defined by the now,
and right now, I’m free…

Who are you?

The Yng Phlsphr BCN

Music: Adam Santoya, Awake.