The desperate lion needs a break,
the love for inspiration,
turning into heartache.
Weight heavy, eyes closed, breathe.
Pay levy, zen time, sleep.

Lucid Surreal Dreaming…

Now we’re sharing drinks, shot sync,
exchanging glances, taking chances.
We leave together, the image is drippy,
interval sounds as our hands get grippy.

Night sky, oozing, moving colours,
red, pink, purple,
moving whirlpool,
what a moment, captured together,
take a rest, won’t last forever.

Intense strobe lightning,
sin sense, loud noises, frightening.
Yellow cars turn to yellow lines,
directions scrambled, morphing signs.

Delightful, divine vision, within range,
try to speed, can’t move, run in vain,
dream legs conquer my aim to flee,
the face blurry, green eyes in HD.

No recollection of my surreal connection,
non vivid imagery, liquid modernity,
hopeless strength, floating discipline,
lonely citizen, no one listening.

Explosion! Cerebral supernova,
pass the champagne, roller coaster,
toast the chauffeur,
thank heavenly spirits,
sugary syrups, make for crazy lyrics.

Ideas are dripping,
down the side of my face.
It’s time to wake, for creation’s sake,
and release the toxic fluids,
from the excited snake.

Caged up, contained beast,
thank the dreams:
the fruitful feast was meant to be,
helped defeat, the poet’s enemy.

Lucid Surreal Dreaming

The Yng Phlsphr BCN

Music: ASAP Rocky,  Love x  Sex  x Dreams.