Take a walk with me,
through my brand new country,
start at home, grab my keys and my phone,
see my reflection in the mirror on the door,
see my face, should have shaved for sure.
Open the door the sun hits, explosion,
find my glasses then enter the commotion.

Are you ready?

See the cafeteria right opposite the pizzeria,
a wave to my friend, always nice to see ya,
here comes the old lady with the petite dog,
she’s dressed in her best,
avoiding the man who likes to jog.
He’s called Juan
and he does so because he can’t find a job,
these days are difficult but the people stay active,
they’re waiting for their opportunity to make it big.

Few streets down,
here come the guys who like to frown,
but they don’t scare me, just need a cool down,
plus I’m all grown,
and I don’t fear the well known.

Here’s my local, right on the corner,
allows me to drink coffee,
not like a foreigner,
started off adding milk,
but I’m feeling Mediterranean,
so forget the pot tilt.

I take a sip, of the hot black liquid,
a little bit of sugar because I’m not quite there yet,
time to sit back on my chair,
and watch my internal voice disappear.

Cars and hooting, Latinos are shouting,
and everywhere you look there’s selfie pouting,
the heat burns on and I’m feeling the shade on my left,
move my chair to the side, and now I’m feeling fresh.

Take out my note pad and pen, just kidding!
I haven’t done that since I was about 10!
Take out my iPhone open the app labelled notes,
start to write my poem as the coffee eases down my throat:

“This is the life that I lived for,
time for creativity surrounded by a vibe that allows me,
to feel free and to appreciate all my lucky memories.
It’s simple, doesn’t cost a lot, I don’t need any help,
just 2 euros and to believe in myself.

It’s amazing what makes up my new life.
No need for riches, power or property,
just a feeling that I’m living and allowed to be me.
I’m content, amazing what it can do,
I eliminated politics forget reading Sun Tzu!

I used to think that I was running in a race,
but I did so with no hope or grace,
just a desperate look on my face,
with no idea that I couldn’t handle the pace.
It was sad, but I’m glad,
that after all, I appreciate what I had,
yes my days are lazy and sometimes I go crazy,
with the thought of not having enough money,
but honestly what is enough? It will never end,
so why not live simple, with like minded friends.

Friends and family help me achieve,
what I want to achieve,
but if they want to change me,
they can respectfully leave.”

(Has the music stopped? I’m ever so sorry,
take a second to reload the track,
and continue with the story).

This poem is a mess,
never mind, do you get the gist more or less?
But anyway I’m getting hungry,
time to ease up on the phone
and look up to what’s going on around me,
smiley faces, beautiful graces and a sprinkle of races.
Not as much as I’d like but enough to feel alright.

Pay up, leave a tip, didn’t realise the man left a biscuit.
I love this place!
They really know how to put a smile on my face.
Grab my phone, begin the short walk home,
time to wake up my girl,
but just to be safe,
I’ll get her coffee from that place, with the confusing sizing,
no free advertising.

Take elevator, shout honey I’m home,
trip over, hit my head on the door
and spill the coffee on the floor.
She’s screaming at me, talking rapid,
did I mention I was married?

Th Yng Phlzpher BCN

Music: Snare Jordan, Guitar Virtuoso