Woke up feeling surreal,
Let me tell you about my crazy day for real,
Packed my bag, off to work they say,
Stairs day, elevator  four floors away.

Walking fast, body bouncing,
Sun shining, face melting,
20 minutes to spare, already at the station,
Coffee aroma, accept the invitation.

Check the menu, something different,
I’ll take what she had, plus a biscuit,
Find a seat, the one by the window,
Allows me to, admire the weirdos.

There’s the girl, without the biscuit,
Didn’t see her face, wow she’s so fit,
Something extra, a beautiful smile,
Classic outfit with an edgy style.

Sitting close, feet are tapping,

Palms are sweaty, heart is pumping,
She pulls out a book, it hits me pow!
It’s only my favourite,
The Power of Now!

Got to say something, I have an angle,
and there’s a peace sign, on her bangle,
Remember she’s smiley, so she won’t get mad,
There are difficult concepts,
I can give her a hand.

I begin to speak,
But my voice breaks down,man coffee
Sure in my mind cloud,
But so weak  out loud.

Me: Hi how are you?
Girl: Hey, I’m fine.
(She replied. That’s a really good sign).
Me: Are you enjoying the book? It’s my favourite,
Girl: It’s my friends, not really my mindset,
Me: Oh, well it’s great you should read it,
(Losing my initial hype, feeling like the connection is taking a hit)
Me again: Well I’ll leave you to it,
(at least I tried, that’s the first time, in my prime).
Girl: How’s the biscuit?
Me: Kind of dry, wanna try some?
Girl: Sure, I crave one all the time.

I’m walking over, holding my tray,
Legs feel weak, couldn’t even say,
God you look beautiful,
And your vibe is soulful,
Can we social media it,
I can make it boastful.

She takes a sip,
Elegantly reaches for the biscuit,
Takes a bite,
Seduced without a fight.

We talk, I play it cool,
She edges closer on her stool.
Feeling great, exchanging contacts,
Numbers locked, time to relax.

People watching they feel it too,
Something special, running through,
Our bodies, funky groovy,
Only happens in the movies.

Time to go, train at platform,
Too soon to hug, handshake conform,
Feel the warmth, scent of flowers,
Knock over the coffee and the sugar cube towers,
Don’t care, this was heaven,
Would love to know,
Your first impression…

The Young Philosopher BCN

Music: Twinkle Twinkle by Tom Misch