The things you own
end up owning you,
your possession obsession
you’re half way to depression.

Scrolling down news-feeds
I’m starting to feel pissed,
a ‘like’ for high dreams
but now I need a lift.

Advertising is simply
psychology’s mad twin,
an airbrushed image
of when my life can begin.

Raymond K Hessel
what did you want to be?
you’re not the car you drive
so give it up, you freak!

Death by finance
consumerism is a bitch,
the cost of  being ‘perfect’
is a bottomless pit.

Give it to me straight
are we really at risk?
coz I’m working like a bitch
just to subsidise the rich!

Oh what a feeling!
No longer concealing,
time to free the truth
fuck it, I’m so revealing.

Time to illuminate
this really hopeless state,
circumstances taken by
a movie twist of fate.

Cleansing your mind
with fat rich soap,
and so these concepts linger
like the strongest dope.

Cut the skinny tie and
liberate your mind,
a boardroom is a war zone
without any fight.

Your soul’s direction
is the great man’s burden
fire in your kitchen…
Tyler Durden.

The Yng Phlspher

Music: Picasso Baby, Jay Z