Who am I?

I am the full floating vessel, I’m Raymond K Hessel. Surrounded by dirty water, looking for clarity to drop my anchor. I am the young poet prophetic, who borders on the pathetic. I am the patient non vendetta, because at first, they must get better. I’m the philosophical nobody, that seeks to be somebody. I … More Who am I?

Lucid Surreal Dreaming

The desperate lion needs a break, the love for inspiration, turning into heartache. Weight heavy, eyes closed, breathe. Pay levy, zen time, sleep. Lucid Surreal Dreaming… Now we’re sharing drinks, shot sync, exchanging glances, taking chances. We leave together, the image is drippy, interval sounds as our hands get grippy. Night sky, oozing, moving colours, … More Lucid Surreal Dreaming

Walk with me

Take a walk with me, through my brand new country, start at home, grab my keys and my phone, see my reflection in the mirror on the door, see my face, should have shaved for sure. Open the door the sun hits, explosion, find my glasses then enter the commotion. Are you ready? See the … More Walk with me


I just want to live and dig my way out this pit, I have big time ambitions, love? Cease to exist. Many different times and many different lives, Too many for some but never enough at times. I’ve had visions to become God’s proudest son, But ambition is a part of me and I prefer … More Allure

Funky Groovy

  Woke up feeling surreal, Let me tell you about my crazy day for real, Packed my bag, off to work they say, Stairs day, elevator  four floors away. Walking fast, body bouncing, Sun shining, face melting, 20 minutes to spare, already at the station, Coffee aroma, accept the invitation. Check the menu, something different, I’ll … More Funky Groovy

Tyler Durden

The things you own end up owning you, your possession obsession you’re half way to depression. Scrolling down news-feeds I’m starting to feel pissed, a ‘like’ for high dreams but now I need a lift. Advertising is simply psychology’s mad twin, an airbrushed image of when my life can begin. Raymond K Hessel what did you … More Tyler Durden