Wait don’t leave,
There’s too many people on this train,
If you walk too fast,
I’ll never take the blame.

I forgive you, please, I forgive you,
You got it wrong,
I was just ashamed,
It was getting much too long.

Ignoring tears, for many years,
Left my emotions, numb,
Fulfilling all my fears,
I’m sorry, they’ve won.

This can’t be the end,
We can’t finish like this,
Where’s the exit,
I need to check for a minute.

Which way! Left or right?
There you are!
Near the homeless man,
Starting a fight.

I’m coming, I’m going to run!
You didn’t mean to do it,
Was just a bit of fun.

Fuck, so many people,
Loud noises, happy and gleeful,
How will you hear me?
I’m so far away,
I’ll scream your name,
So they’ll get out of my way.

I’m closer, I can see your coat,
You’re walking slowly,
There’s a lump in my throat.

Maybe you don’t want this too,
Maybe there’s a way you won’t
go through,
With all of this,
Shit I’m here,
In front of your eyes,
Out of breath,
Tongue tied.

Speak, speak you fool,
I’m frozen, heart’s pumping,
But yours not responding,
That’s it then? A fight with no words,
Follows a relationship,
with meaningless verbs.

Don’t walk away again,
I have no energy to chase,
I think I dropped my phone,
when I ran to see your face.

We were going so well,
It’s over, how could you?
You broke my heart,
So pure and true,
Just with your depart-
-ure, I’m lost, I’m dazed,
A failure,
Leave me, don’t touch me,
Take your opportunity,
So you can live free,
Without me.

Where’s my phone?
Shit I need my phone!
It’s gone, I can’t stand,
Wait it’s there,
By the homeless man.

He took it! Can you believe it?
My digital memories, gone,
I feel so sick, what a trip,
All from that fateful liaison.

The Young Philosopher

Music: Seesaw (feat. Romy) by Jamie xx