Did you notice me?
I was standing right beside you,
With a red sugary drink in my hand.
You were screaming at the scary man,
Using words I couldn’t understand.

I think you were right by the way,
He was being unreasonable and
If I had more about me,
I would have given you a hand.

You’re kinda scary though,
in a good way.
I mean, the words that you said
And the way that you screamed
It hit hard like the Rocky theme.

Maybe it was the fact you wore red,
It’s a colour that means a lot to me.
And with the lipstick to match,
almost distracted me from your nicotine patch.

When you turned and looked at me
I was overcome with emotion
Your eyes were as blue as the ocean
And your steaming coffee aroma, smelt like the devil’s potion.

Not to mention your sexy walking motion,
Compounded by my 1950’s blue jeans devotion.

I thought I felt something,
As our shoulders brushed,
This electrical current,
that meant so much.
But short sparks are short for a reason,
And when your body angled away
I lost the scent of your summer season.

When you finally left the store
I saw my reflection in the ringing door.
It hit me, I’ve never been so sure:
That cool girls like you just don’t exist any more.
And if by some chance you felt something for me,
I guarantee you wouldn’t feel it any more.
Because, honestly, I’m not like the guys you like,
I’m the washed up singer, without a mic…

The Young Philosopher

Music: Gosh by Jamie XX