goLet’s go somewhere
Away from those who put us in jail while only they pass go.
Who turn our brothers against us
they soon become our foe
And who feed us the lies and keep the truth untold.

Let’s go somewhere
Where our future can be clean and our past a happy day dream.
Where our minds are untouched by the hysteria of the gold rush and where our bodies unify like merging clouds in the sky.

I’ve been there
In the depths of my mind
I find a peace that turns blind
To corrupting images of mankind
And yet I still find,
A way to live free
Of all the superficial dreams that almost turned me,
Into a fruitless mope, without any spiritual hope searching hard
for the nearest rope.

Let’s go somewhere
Together as one,
So we can justify that art
creates light like the sun
So we can feel our hearts beat against the backdrop of oceans
that only think deep.
We can get lost whilst getting lost
And leave cold people to get frost.

Let’s go somewhere, anywhere but here.
The world’s too demanding and my friends keep on crying, trying to find solutions but in the end they’re just buying, it’s tiring.

So let’s go somewhere
So I can finally rest.

The Young Philosopher

Photo by @bellaandreaphotography.wordpress.com