I’m getting increasingly confused about the amount of negativity in the air. To be honest, I’m bored of it and I’m starting a personal campaign to end all negative interactions. Here are some of my thoughts about negativity.

Effects of negativity

You can’t deny the feeling of exhaustion when face to face with a complainer. It can shatter your good mood and leave you feeling unhappy with your surroundings. I find complainers to be the most counter productive. They never take useful action and instead feel it sufficient enough to dismiss anyone else’s attempts.

I’ve even had great news spun back at me as potentially disastrous news. Why? I feel like some people experience a sick joy when they can stamp all over another’s positivity and use lines like ‘I’m just being real.’

Realism is the new negativity

This I really can’t understand. I think that people call themselves realist because you can’t be proud to be negative. I find that people are so desperate to avoid public humiliation, they abandon any dream that could result in their happiness. It’s all about saving face. Well to those I have a message: you will always be right, you will never get caught off guard and you will seem smarter than everyone. You will probably drag everyone down around you into a meaningless but ‘correct’ existence. If that’s fine with you then great. But for me, call me insane, the meaning of life is to find happiness. The search is risky and the dreams you chase could end in failure. But I say, so what! At least you tried and had the balls to do something! Let the ‘know it alls’ criticise because ultimately and sadly, that’s how they justify their own lives.

It used to be that people who were positive were taking the easy option, not thinking critically enough. Now I think it’s become too easy to take the negative view. Trust me it’s hard to be a positive person in this day and age. I respect the effort that goes into being positive. I have no time for negative people.


I can’t talk about negativity without talking about the media. It’s just too much. Every notification sent to my phone is based on death or terror. Articles bask in the emotional break downs of celebrities and now they even predict the outcome of your own relationships! Ever see statements like these: couples that do not hug 9 times a day are destined for divorce. Pathetic. But how many of us read this and judge our relationships? My advice is to question the motives of each article before you let it change your perspective. Stay aware of world events based on facts not opinions and look for positive news. If you search hard enough, you’ll find some.

My battle with philosophy

I don’t fully latch on to the stoic mentality of accepting life as being difficult. Doing so encourages negative thoughts that soon result in a paralysis of positivity.

Also if we teach children to follow their dreams and passions then why can’t us adults do the same? Why are children always seen as more important than adults? If it’s all about the future then what about now? One day our children will grow to be adults and then what? Should we stop caring about their feelings? Is their happiness less important?

Believe it or not there are a large amount of people in my world who have a robust positivity that outlasts any moments of failure. They inspire me because they strive for their interpretations of happiness with integrity and most of all positivity. They do not give up on their ambitions due to age or a feeling of missed opportunity.


Whenever I’ve suffered setbacks (there have been many) I always took solace that perhaps I was a victim of bad luck. But it wasn’t that, I was a victim of my negative surroundings. It took courage to remove myself from negative influences and become the person I wanted to be. It took resilience to put me in my preferred job, with my preferred partner and within touching distance of something truly memorable. All of this materialised through the use of my most important skill – positivity.


When you’re doing something you love and have battled for years to be in a position of excellence, out come the ‘haters’. Their motives are usually driven from ego and the need to be the best. But here’s the thing, they’ve not honestly reflected on their own performance or they’re just not in the right job. They burn with envy and spread negative vibes to either derail you or comfort themselves. Ego is the nemesis to positivity and it’s why you must be aware.

Strategies – avoid, avoid, avoid

For some, negativity is a self inflicted disease stemming from a dominant ego. It’s their problem not yours. Don’t get involved in their world because you’ll be left feeling drained. Stay away from egotistical, smile to your face but stick pins in you people. Have faith in natural justice and continue on with your dreams.

Never turn to hate because that only brings about negativity in you. Instead try to see them as unfortunate and hope that one day they will encounter a self reflection stage. Hope that this will bring them away from ego and into a loving and secure frame if mind.

Positivity is love

When I think more about it, positivity is love. When your mother positively consoles you after a job loss or heartache it’s out of love. When your friend supports you in an ambitious venture knowing full well of its potential failure, it’s out of love. And when you tell yourself never to give up, never to throw away your dreams and to cut ties with negativity, it’s because you’re finally in a position to love yourself.

For me it’s a win win perspective. Positivity helps you to strive for dreams whilst providing a cushion for any failure. You can bounce back from anything and in time you’ll build a resilience that can quieten the most negative of people. Follow me into this campaign if you’re serious about being happy. There’s nothing to lose.

As always, thanks for reading.

The Young Philosopher BCN