So after moving abroad a little over two years ago, I decided to give 4 semi-superficial reasons as to why I think everyone should move abroad just once in their lives.

Quick background

I thought I was almost there. I had a decent job, good amount of money saved and even the possibility of buying a small flat. My parents looked at me with an accepting glance because I had fulfilled most of their ambitions for me. In short…I was on track. Typically the whole thing made me feel sick to my stomach. My belief system was going through a breakdown and it was constantly sending me mixed messages. Then it hit me…my whole belief system was not actually mine to begin with. It may have come from my parents or society and for the sake of generational evolution, to fulfil them would be stepping backwards. What I did well was add subtle changes to the given life plan, like choosing a different area to live in or career path. It felt like I was stuck on a conveyor belt designed in 1900 and I couldn’t escape. So naturally I decided to run! I packed up and moved to Barcelona.

1. Belief systems – the not so superficial reason

Now what pains me is hearing people sell themselves short by doing bad impressions of everyone else. I was the same. Until I moved abroad and encountered successful, happy and family led individuals who had a completely different belief system. Buying property was a life sentence, doing a job you didn’t enjoy was backwards and marrying for the sake of marrying was a crime against humanity. These may sound obvious to you but how many people do you know that have fallen into one of these traps? How many people do you know think they are free but actually live within the confines of their social prisons?

It does takes a while to get used to the different mentality and you will lose a few heated debates with others, as you try to desperately cling on to the beliefs you’ve carried for so many years. But in time, you will open your mind and take on the ideals that appeal to you. It may be a mixture of your home and foreign beliefs but they will be yours and what’s more important is that you will be open to future ideas that could transform your life for the better. You will soon rise above society with your own set of rules and be in total control of your destiny. In short, you will create your own personalised and evolutionary belief system that will go some way to ensure that you hold no regrets in the future.

2. Nature – sticking with the non-superficial

Sounds obvious, but it’s not. If you can choose a destination that allows you to become closer with nature, your life’s perspective can be dramatically clearer. Take the sun, access to this can have a massive impact on your mood. You feel energised, younger and more sociable. You don’t rely on Sky Plus for entertainment and shelve the DVD box sets. Basically, you’re outside for longer. In London I feel I go from box to box. I get in the car (small box) and then enter my house (medium box). Take into consideration shops, supermarkets and work and I pretty much lived in boxes. Although it’s unavoidable, it’s still depressing. Having more scope to experience nature in the way you like allows for freedom. But not just physical, I mean something way more important, the freedom of your mind. Sounds a bit ‘Matrix’ like but it’s so true. If you’re still not convinced then you’re just going to have take my word for it.

3. Personal style – the really superficial reason…

If this is not important to you then don’t read this point. I knew you would! Good, because this point is really about feeling and looking great. Your sense of style will improve because you will want to adapt to your surroundings. Therefore you will take more fashion risks (at this point it’s a risk) and you will ditch the standard clothes you paid so much for at home. You will realise that although you felt stylish in your hometown you were actually one of many. As you rock different trends, your confidence grows and you start walking like Vincent Chase from Entourage. You start to take more risks that go beyond your current location. The next thing you know you’re a trendsetter and the envy of many. All you needed was that little push. You may make a fool of yourself with a fashion disaster but who cares! It’s not your country and no one really knows you! Consider it a practice run before you go home and face your friends and family.

My point is that in time, you will demonstrate your true identity through your personal style and confidence. It’s another aspect of your authentic self that will be uncovered.

4. Love

No I’m not saying you’re guaranteed to find love. I’m saying you’re going to experience the feeling of love more. Whether it be doing something you’ve always wanted to do and being lost in that moment or meeting friends that love you for who you really are, your true self. You will find that people are interested in you for your original ideas and from the wisdom you bring from any past mistakes. It could also be a moment when you look to the horizon of your new surroundings and realise just how far you’ve come and how brave you’ve been. And yes, you could find romantic love and it could be from an unlikely source but if you’ve stayed true to yourself then at least you know it’s real.

So there you have it! My 4 reasons why I think everyone should move abroad once! I’m sure the longer I stay here, the more opportunities I will get to reflect on my time away from home in a deeper way.

Hopefully by the end of next year I will have more reasons to share with you all.

Thanks for reading,

The Young Philosopher BCN