smartphoneWhat’s becoming increasingly clear is our thirst for readily accessible information. With our smartphones in hand we are poised to find different kinds of information at our fingertips. We have the ultimate prop to make ourselves knowledge gurus. I have two issues with this; firstly, most of the knowledge we attain is useless and unreliable (courtesy of news bias and untruths) and secondly, we are losing the art of building connections with people through conversation. In some cases, true existing connections are slowly being killed by the tempting nature of the smartphone. Human interaction is slowly dying and it seems nobody is using their smartphone in a smart way. Here’s to a boring life, feeling lonely in rooms full of people. The smartphone makes for dumb company.

Would Socrates have made an impact on justice and peace if he was addicted to his smartphone growing up? Would Beckham and Ronaldo (both known for their desire to practise) be the player they became to be if they grew up on smartphones? I’m not sure.

The answer is no and what worries me is the thought of all the potential geniuses or free thinkers who will never fulfil their potential because they’ve spent most of their informative years being ill informed through their smartphones.

I’m not saying smartphones are all bad, not at all, just that the way we use them are. I wonder how many households have the TV on whilst every member of the family scrolls through the ‘news’ on their phones? How many of our children will grow up shy and distant in front of groups of people because they have not developed the art of conversation? My solution is know your surroundings. Talk to the person next to you using actual words that they can actually hear. Tell your wife you love them in the privacy of your own home instead of posting it on Facebook to impress your ‘friends’ .

Let’s bring back the art of conversation. Why not call someone up to wish them happy birthday instead of doing it through Facebook with a long cringe worthy message starting with ‘happy birthday to the best ____ in the world’. I’m pretty sure if you told them that to their face they would feel amazing!

So put down the phone, turn to your partner, friend etc and have a conversation.

The Young Philosopher